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We are supporting the cause of ‘Cow Care’ in villages near Mumbai – Ganeshpuri, Wada, Vikramgad, Dahanu and Ambiste. The donation money will be used to support Cow Care in many ways some of which is to provide cow feed, build cow sheds for poor rural farmers, build protecting fences, provide for treatments and care during and after delivery of cows and young calves which sometimes die due to poor hygiene conditions.
To this end we would be happy to receive cheques in favor of ‘Foundation for Environment Conservation’ / Cash as per your own wish. Any amounts are acceptable from INR 5 /- onwards...
One can also go for ‘Cow Adoption’ where you are free to pay for the number of days you want to support a particular cow. The cost is estimated at INR 105/- per day and one can go for various packages as you may wish. One can also donate random amounts for special occasions like:

Support forAmount Rs.
1 Day105
1 Week735
15 Days1575
1 Month3,150
3 Months9,450
6 Months18,900
12 Months37,800

We will send you the photograph and video of the Cow you are supporting and you can monitor her / his progress and well being ... !!
You are also welcome to pay a visit to the farms with your families and spend a day with your Cows...!!!
Your support in any format will be more than welcome. Every drop collected will go to a good cause and so please feel free to do as you may deem fit.
The Economic imbalance & monitisation of every aspect in life has lead to a disatorus end of a human specie called "Farmer"

We can produce everything on this earth in factories but food cannot be "produced" ... It has to be GROWN !!

The farming community worldover is moving away from growing food & prefering to work in industries in lure of highly paid positions. This is an alarming shift and we need to do something to stop this migration & award the farmer his due.
At F E C we worked at grassroot levels with marginal farmers and realised that their expections are not much! Nor are they looking for charity !! What they want is just hand holding support to overcome a few petty hurdles and a fair price for their hard work ! Given that, they are content to grow food for us.

To make this happen and keep our Earth green FEC has deviced various Farmer Support programs.
You can help in by funding for their equipments, wells, fences, animal stock ....


ADOPT a FARMER for a year by providing for his various needs in various seasons ! By doing so you also get to stay and mingle with your farmer & his land as if it was your own ! Devour the produce like your own !! Now that's what adoption means .... right ?
Since the need of every farmer is different depending on his current status & geographical location, we are unable offer any fixed package for adoption. If you are keen on reviving any farmer - we can put you in touch with some deserving & aspiring people who are still ready to risk & take a step backward so that we all can still get some REAL FOOD to eat :)
For mediating in selecting your family farmer ... Get in touch with any of our office bearers from the Contact Us Link, or email us with your requirements at
Conserving the Environment is a mighty task !

Every bit of thread that is woven is an important part of the larger Fabric!
We at F E C are consitently working towards rejenuavting Nature to it's orginal best. In our quest to do this task we are picking up every broken thread that comes our way & are trying to mend it in the best possible way we can.

Organic farming is one such thread that we are working on. So far we have succeded in convincing a few farmers not to sell their lands but continue to do Organic farming. Just to ask them to do farming is not the complete solution. Whatever they produce should be sold at a fair price! This has lead us to come up with various inovative ideas to keep the farmers happily tilling.

We have programs like "Fund a farmer" or if you are more into a having a fully Organic Kicthen you can actually "Adopt a Farmer".

These maybe far off things for many Urban Citizens and some may just want to help keeping the environment green by buying eco-products.
YES ! you can now be a part of it by just buying some stuff of authentic Organic Produce right from the farmer!! This ensures that there is no middle men or agents involved & the farmers get a very good price encouraging them to grow more food for us!! Only logistical costs are added for delivery at your home.

We have a List of Items from your daily needs. Just order whatever you want from the list & it will be delivered in a weeks time.

Get in touch with any of our office bearers from the Contact Us Link, or email us with your requirements at

Man in his craze for sophistication and urbanisation has supported industrialisation and caught himself in the pangs of pollution. All living creatures are directly affected by the atmosphere they live in. Hence, pollution is slowly affecting the health and hygiene of all. The situation today is terribly critical as pollution is bombarding us in every field – vehicular exhaust, industrial pollution, water, soil and noise pollution, pollution due to radioactive emission, deforestation, over exploitation of fossil fuels, excessive utilisation of chemical fertilisers, pesticides, deodorants, air fresheners, computers and audio visual ions, burning of non-biodegradable products releasing obnoxious gases and the list is never ending....
All affect the atmosphere thus affecting the physiology and psychology of the human system. This leads to an increased evidence of disease and mental disharmony. The water that you drink or the food that you eat can be selected with utmost care but there is no choice for the air that you breathe. You have to accept the air full of obnoxious organic chemicals, harmful gases, disease causing germs etc. That is why air pollution is considered to be highly hazardous amongst all. Infact pollution means SLOW POISIONING. Thus polluted atmosphere affects man and everything he does and feels is disturbed and distorted.

To reset the ecological cycle and bring back the balance and equilibrium which is lost, we have to first eradicate pollution and clean the atmosphere physically.




Agnihotra is a process of purification of the atmosphere through the agency of fire. Agnihotra is infact a mini yagna which has its origins in the ancient Vedic Sciences and is to be performed at the precise moments of sunrise and sunset. The questions that come to mind are: How is this related to pollution…..And if it is; How should it be performed?

For a detailed description view or download the Agnihotra Notes or go through the Agnihotra Presentation(ppt).

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